Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Office life

Even if I'm just sitting here behind my desk all day long in the office, I'm always bone-tired at the end of the day. That is because of the stressful office life that we have here in Doha. Stress level abroad is so much higher than the one I've encountered in the home country.

I'm working in the headoffice of the one of the biggest restaurant chains. Too much work, too much boss, too much staff, too much contacts, too much issues, too much problem, too much everything. (fyi, too much is a favorite term here in ME. I'm using it too much already :p).

Also, what's making it more stressful is the diverse nationalities that you have to deal with everyday. Thank God I have Pinoy officemates but we are outnumbered with the other nationalities. Working here have helped me appreciate our "lahi", our culture. It made me grateful that I was born a Filipino.I'm proud of my heritage.

Anyway there are also a number of good things about office. There is this what we call teaboy although sometimes or most of the times our teaboy pisses me. From the word itself, his main job is to make tea and also coffee, to serve you water, juice, soda and the likes and to serve fruits at lunch time. That's is good right? The office I had in Pinas do not serve free drinks. One more thing office stationaries are provided by the company. That's why my officemates here have not only their own color of pen but also their own brand.
And also it's ok to be late and leave early =) ehe. I think it's only applicable to our office because we don't have timecards. But of course, I try not to be late =D. Oh I shouldn't forget to mention that there's a cake for every office staff who is celebrating his/her birthday.

That's about it, time to go haha

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