Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thai Snack

Thai Snack is a small family-run restaurant that offers Doha peeps authentic Thai food at affordable prices. Located at Al Nasser St, the place always looks festive with the Christmas light decorations scattered outside. My boss would always say that this resto is a wonder in the city’s hospitality business because this place has no signage outside but the place is always full specially at night          .

The food here is fantastic. If you want great Thai food at reasonable price, this is the place to go. I specially love Tom Yum, I think they perfected it that’s why I only like to eat Tom Yum here J specially when paired with siopao and thai iced tea, yum! On the other hand, my hubby would always, as in always, order thai seafood fried rice and seafood sweet and sour every time.

Two things I don’t like here is their service and utensils. The service varies from time to time but often times the service is slow and sometimes the waiters are rude. They should improve their customer service. Their utensils look old and need to be replaced.

Overall the food offsets its bad side. I don’t mind waiting and wiping my plate and spoon and fork dry as long as they give me a delicious thai meal.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My daughter

Thank you Lord for you have given me such a wonderful child. 
My heart melts into joy each time she looks at me, 
each time she calls me ‘Mommy’ and 
each time she kisses and embraces me. 
Yanyan, my baby, Mommy loves you so much.

A daughter is a day brightener ...

...a heart warmer...

...a memory maker...

...a daughter is love.